Why trust a CAO

We’re experts.

Every CAO member is a certified orthodontic specialist. This means we’ve completed dental school and spent several additional years in graduate school, for a combined total of over 12 years honing our expertise. These years of intense study and our ongoing in-field training are impossible to duplicate. We’re experts in our field and no one is better equipped with the experience and specialized knowledge required to align your teeth.

We share knowledge.

Our training doesn’t stop at graduation, being a certified orthodontic specialist means we’re continuously learning in the field too. The CAO has hundreds of members spread across Canada, and we find great value in advancing our knowledge throughout the field of orthodontics by collaborating with our colleagues. We use our network to upgrade our expertise by sharing best practices, learning new techniques and collaborating on challenging cases, so that you can expect the same high level of care across the country.

We care.

We spend time to get to know our patients because, as orthodontic specialists, we understand the value of creating a meaningful relationship with our patients. It’s important that you feel comfortable asking questions and giving feedback, because it’s important that you understand the care you’re receiving, and we’ll be there at every step of the way to ensure you do.

We’re flexible.

Healthcare is the last place you should be bargain hunting, but we recognize that orthodontic treatment can seem expensive. That’s why we work with you and offer flexible financial options to help ensure you have access to the high-quality treatment and human care you need. The great results are always worth the journey.

Our methods work.

We get to help our patients create great smiles, and you simply can’t replace that passion, or our ongoing education and knowledge. Orthodontic methods and technology are continuously changing, upgrading and improving, and a CAO certified orthodontist has the ever-evolving expertise required to ensure these techniques are being used to give you the absolute best results.

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