On my
days off,
I fix

I screamed! Our young, ginger cat, Scout, was stuck on the roof, crying for help. She’s allowed out from time to time during the summer and we’ve never had this problem. But today she was in trouble. Luckily a local fire station is just around the corner, so I ran over and asked if they could help. Norm, the Platoon Chief, saved the day. He actually brought the fire truck over, climbed up the ladder, and rescued Scout! I had tears in my eyes and gave Norm a big hug. The whole fire crew was amazing, but Norm would help with anything, right?

So when I went inside and screamed again, Norm came running to the front door. Once I caught my breath, I explained it wasn’t an emergency…well, kind of. I told him, “It was a call from our Dentist, explaining that our 12-year-old daughter, Scout, needed braces.” {Yes, we named our kitty after her, since they both have beautiful red hair & (I thought) great smiles}. I just didn’t know how I was going to tell her. She’s going to be devastated. And scared. Norm, the Fireman, looked at me knowingly, and he volunteered right away, “I think I can help. I’ve put out fires. And I’ve put braces on kid’s teeth too.” I was instantly relieved. I told him to come back to do Scout’s braces. And told him we wouldn’t need the Fire Truck, this time.

EPILOGUE: The characters and details of this story are fictional. But if you don’t want to risk an emergency, don’t trust anyone but an Orthodontist with your child’s smile.