There’s a really tricky piece of celery stuck in your braces, or bread caught between the brackets. You’re in a bind. Without using your fingers, how do you get all this gunk out of your teeth? We have you covered. Here are some solid go-tos to get food out of your teeth without harming your hardware.

Floss is a braces wearer’s best friend.

We recommend always having good floss on hand to help you when you’re stuck. Individual flossers with a hard and flat end that you can use to access in between your teeth and under your wires will improve your ability to floss effectively.

Water flossers–they work!

A water flosser uses the pressure of a single stream of water to remove excess food and debris from in between your teeth and gums. These can be great tools to use if you don’t like getting your hands all tied up with traditional string floss.

Don’t underestimate the toothpick.

Keep a toothpick handy for those days on the go–you’ll be able to use it to easily access unwanted food particles without using a mirror. Be careful though, toothpicks should be used lightly around your wires to avoid bending or mishaping them in between visits to your orthodontist. 

Rinse with water.

Trusty, plain water. You might think that your braces are really holding onto those food particles fast and hard, but a quick swish of some water can help move those around and get them out of your teeth in no time.