If you want a great smile, an Orthodontic specialist is the right choice.

Only dentists that have completed an additional 3 year residency in orthodontics at an accredited university and have completed a national orthodontic specialty exam can be licensed and identify themselves as Orthodontists. This combination of specialty training and the experience that comes with solely providing orthodontic treatment makes an orthodontist the most qualified person to treat issues of alignment of teeth and jaws in order to ensure that you or your child ends up with a healthy and confident smile.

No referral is necessary and you can contact the office of a CAO/ACO Orthodontist directly for an appointment.

The choices and options available for orthodontic treatment are changing quickly. Making decisions regarding treatment can seem overwhelming. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, or if your family dentist has recommended orthodontic treatment, ensure that you are being treated by a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics.

Trust a Specialist, an Orthodontic specialist, with your smile.

Orthodontists have specialized training, experience and treatment options to give you the smile you deserve. Ask a CAO/ACO Orthodontic Specialist for advice.

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The Canadian Association of Orthodontists at

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