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Regional Directors

CAO Committee Chairs (Standing Committees –
Non-voting Board Positions)

Special Committees (Non-Board Positions)

Resources to the Board

Communications Committee

Dr. Sarah Davidson

Halifax, NS

Dr. Will Chow

Surrey, BC

Dr. Adriano Farina

Point-Claire, QC

Dr. Brian Phee

Regina, SK

Dr. C. Todd Lee-Knight

Calgary, AB

Dr. Daniel Pollit

Toronto, ON

Scientific Content Committee

Dr. Billy Wiltshire

Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Ed Yen

Vancouver, BC

Dr. Angelos Metaxas

Toronto, ON

Dr. Lorne Kamelchuk

Edmonton, AB

Dr. Anthony Mair

Toronto, ON

Dr. Kathy Russell

Halifax, NS

Dr. Carlos Flores-Mir

Edmonton, AB

Auxiliary Scientific Content Committee

Ms. Susan Helwig

Edmonton, AB

Ms. Melody Baldry

Edmonton, AB

Ms. Deanna Ghesquiere

Oakville, ON