& impacted

I could hardly afford my brakes. Actually it was the rotors. Damn, it’s always the rotors. I started to cry, right in front of Gus, my Mechanic. He obviously felt bad. He has always been super-honest. I think. And he went on to say I could pay in installments, but I explained, it wasn’t just the rotors. It was also that my eldest boy, Eder, {his name is Gaelic for “A good looking person”}, would soon need some extensive dental work to make sure he kept his gorgeous, sparkling smile. Gus, my Mechanic looked at me knowingly, and he whispered in my ear, “I’ve fixed-up lots of kid’s teeth too.” I was so relieved. I told him to go ahead with the rotors. And the overbite.

EPILOGUE: The characters and details of this story are fictional. But if you want to avoid repairs later, don’t trust anyone but an Orthodontist with your child’s smile.