Life is good: you’re about to get your braces off and see the progress that’s been made in the months (and possibly years) leading up to this day. But what does life look like after braces? Here are 5 things to look forward to when you get your braces off for the first time.

You can finally eat whatever you want.

Missed out on apples? Really looking forward to eating some chewy candies without the hassle of getting it all stuck in your braces? Life after braces includes eating the foods that were once hands-off, like chewy bagels, sticky caramels, and hard pretzels.

Your teeth feel free.

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of having smooth, clean teeth after getting your braces removed. You might be surprised by the slick surface of your teeth without brackets and wires, but more than anything, you’ll feel free and unconstrained.

You don’t have to carry as much stuff with you!

Remember that emergency kit that helped you care for your braces while on the go? You can finally be rid of it and worry less about having emergency items like braces wax with you at all times.

It’s easier to smile.

Some people feel self-conscious when they have their braces on, which can make it difficult to smile with ease. Post-braces, life can give you all the more reason to smile without thinking twice about it.

Brushing and caring for your teeth has never been better!

Your braces care routine might have been a tad longer when you were clad with brackets and wires. Now, flossing will be a little smoother, brushing, a little simpler, and the overall care will be much better than it was with braces.