and teeth

Do you have twins? I do! Lilly and Rose. They’re amazing! They’re also, honestly, exhausting. They keep me busy and there’s always something going on. This weekend it’s their BFF’s birthday. So matching dresses and dramatic “updo” hairdos are mandatory. Enter Sofia, my doll of a Hairstylist. She’s also a magician and a therapist all rolled into one. So I take the girls in to see her before the party and we get to talking. As usual. She listens to all my problems. So I say to her, “ Sofia, you won’t believe my latest dilemma. My Dentist, who is no Hairstylist, by the way”, I say to her, “He tells me Lilly needs braces! Yeah! And then, get this, he says Rose has an overbite and needs a retainer. A retainer! And then maybe braces! Come on! You’re killing me.” I say. “Doc, I have twins!” I say. Sofia gasps. Sofia gets it. She finishes up the girl’s hair, they look absolutely beautiful, stunning, like flowers. So Sofia shakes the apron and turns to me and says, “Babe, you know your twins need a second opinion. And I’ve done some fillings and braces too.” I say, “Really?” She says, “Well, I have the chair for it, honey.” {My flowers are only 15 years-old and I want their teeth to look as great as their hair}. Sofia’s a gem. So I tipped her a bit extra and told her I’d be back for that second opinion.

EPILOGUE: The characters and details of this story are fictional. But if you want to avoid repairs later, don’t trust anyone but an Orthodontist with your child’s smile.