Looking for some inspiration on how to style your braces? You can coordinate them with your clothes and accessories for starters. Here are a handful of ideas for spicing up your colour combos the next time you get your elastics changed at the orthodontist.

Celebrate the season

Coordinate your elastics with the season! Winter can come with a series of light and dark blues or white, spring can offer yellows, pinks, and purples, or go with fiery orange for a bright summer look.

Go for a holiday combo

Celebrating Hannakuh? Choose blue and white for your next elastics combination. If you’re into the Christmas season, classic green and red will show your holiday spirit. Whichever holiday you celebrate, the punch of colour in your smile will only add to the fun.

Show your school spirit

Your school definitely has its school colours used by sports teams and other school initiatives. Support your team by sporting your school’s colourful flag across your smile.

Emphasize a local event or fundraiser 

Next Pride, wear a rainbow in your mouth! Or, if you’re going to an anti-bullying event or breast cancer support parade, choose pink to show your enthusiasm.