One of the best parts of having braces is being able to choose the colours of your elastics. It’s your chance to be creative! Here are some ideas to keep your smile stylish.

Superhero colours

Go with red and blue for Superman, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman. Try black and yellow if Batman is your favourite hero.

Holiday themes

Black and orange is a Halloween classic, but you can also try white, yellow, and orange for candy corn coloured braces. Red and green is a festive Christmas combination, as well as blue and white for Hanukkah. Gold and silver is a wonderful way to celebrate New Years Eve with your smile.

School colours

Show off your school pride by getting elastics in your school colours. Remember, if you’re playing sports you should always wear a mouth guard to protect your smile.


Why limit yourself to just a few colours: try out a rainbow smile!


Keep your braces as bright as the sunshine in the spring and summer months. We love combinations like pink and purple, blue and yellow, and blue and pink.

Colourful elastics aren’t only fun and creative – studies have shown that they can increase the effectiveness of treatment by encouraging you to keep your braces as clean as possible.

Do you have a favourite colour combination we didn’t mention? Let us know!