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Behind every pairing of a doctor and a patient is a human relationship. That’s the difference between shiny new apps, algorithms or direct to consumer providers, and human orthodontists – human orthodontists see patients as people, not numbers. And while you may not be able to visit your orthodontist right now; they’re still here for you. Human orthodontists are caregivers through and through. Get to know some superhuman orthodontists and learn how they’re giving back.

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Hometown Hero

Dr. Christos Papadopoulos

Moncton, New Brunswick

Dr. Christos Papadopoulos was born and raised in New Brunswick. His studies took him from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, but after 12 years, when it came time for him to start his practice, he came home.

Ask Christos what makes New Brunswick great and he’ll tell you it’s the people. ‘Nothing compares to Atlantic Canadian hospitality’, says the animated doctor. It should come as no surprise then that outside of the clinic, Christos devotes his energy to giving back. He’s the Secretary Treasurer for the Atlantic Orthodontists Association and the Atlantic Regional Chair of Smiles4Canada, a volunteer-based non-profit foundation providing orthodontic care to children in need.

Christos is passionate about his work; he loves finding solutions to complex problems. In the end any challenge is worth it, because ‘orthodontics not only delivers straight teeth and beautiful smiles, but confidence and self-esteem too.’

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New Doc on the Block

Dr. Brian Broadwell

Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Dr. Brian Broadwell and his young family came to Salmon Arm, British Columbia from Louisiana seven years ago. Salmon Arm ‘is a special place’, says Brian, and they immediately felt at home.

Brian began his career in restorative dentistry, where he developed ‘a love for comprehensive care.’ This eventually led him to orthodontics, and his ‘eccentric’ new home.

‘It’s an interesting mix’ says Brian. ‘People who grow up here often return to raise their own families.’ The Broadwells may be newcomers but they’re already fixtures in the community. In addition to coaching soccer, Brian mentors some of the town’s general dentists and his wife Jennifer is a member of the downtown business association.

The outbreak of COVID-19 resulted in a mandated closing of Brian’s clinic, but it didn’t stop him from supporting his community; he’s been using his 3D printer to supply medical mask components to local doctors.

‘It’s easy to focus on the challenges and lose perspective of the big picture’ says Brian. ‘Every day we have the opportunity to enhance the lives of those who enter our practice. I’m so proud to be an orthodontist.’

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A History of Care

Dr. Lesley Williams

Ocean Park, British Columbia

In 23 years Dr. Lesley Williams has achieved quite a career. She’s the Chief Examiner of Orthodontics and a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, a diplomat with the American Board of Orthodontists and a member of distinguished Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontics. But she isn’t one to rest on her laurels.

After 14 years as partner in a well-established practice, Dr. Williams struck out on her own, founding South Surrey Smiles. It was a difficult decision, but as Dr. Williams puts it, it was time to put her ‘underutilized business acumen, vision, experience, and positive attitude to work.’ Founding South Surrey Smiles also allowed her to provide care and considerable expertise to an underserved community.

With South Surrey Smiles, Dr. Williams is able to give back to her community both professionally and personally. ‘Annually, we put on a summer drive-in series, which brings the community together and raises money for local sports teams.’ Since 2012, South Surrey Smiles has also helped raise $500,000 for oral cancer research, a cause that’s very close to Dr. Williams, who lost her twin sister to the disease.

Community is important to Dr. Williams and her team, she believes ‘to be a good orthodontist one must be a sound critical thinker, an astute problem solver and above all, have excellent people skills.’

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The Family Business

Dr. Brian Laski

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Brian Laski was younger than most when he realized he wanted to become an orthodontist. ‘My Father was an orthodontist’, says the 41-year-old father of three, ‘and through the wonderful example he set, putting patient's first, he instilled a love of orthodontics in me.’ When Brian joined his father’s Toronto practice in 2009, they became the first father and son orthodontic team to have both graduated from the University of Toronto.

For Dr. Laski, orthodontics isn’t just business, it’s personal, and both of his Toronto practices reflect this. ‘We help many of the schools in the community with their fundraising initiatives and we also visit their classes to teach best oral hygiene practices.’ Brian wants to instill in the next generation the same values his father instilled in him; he also provides pro bono orthodontic treatment to underprivileged children through the Smiles Change Lives program.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 caused the temporary closing of his practices, Dr. Laski hasn’t been idle, he and his staff have been providing emergency supplies to patients and PPE to local hospitals.

When he isn’t working, volunteering or educating, you might find Brian officiating a tennis match as a professional umpire, something he’s done extensively all over the world. According to him, ‘teeth aren’t the only thing I set straight.’

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