Your braces are with you all day. They’re working hard to steadily adjust your teeth so you can get the smile you want. And since they’re with you all the time, you should keep some things handy to help you take care of them.

At the CAO, we recommend you pack an emergency kit so you can be prepared for anything you might need while wearing braces. Here are the 8 most important parts of a braces toolkit.

1. A toothbrush.

Because keeping your teeth and smile clean is important.

2. Toothpaste.

As you know, this goes hand-in-hand with your toothbrush. Try toting your favourite flavour in a travel size tube with you where you go.

3. Floss or flossers.

Whether it’s floss or something similar, like a special tool that you use to get food out of your teeth, dental floss is always your friend. A travel proxy brush is an excellent tool to remove food from around your braces.

4. The almighty dental wax.

If you’ve ever had a loose wire or poking bracket, you understand the importance of dental wax. You can use it to act as a cushion between your braces and the rest of your mouth, protecting you from irritating your cheek, gums, or lips.

5. Pain relief.

Adding Advil or Tylenol to your toolkit can help keep pain at bay (if your braces are causing any discomfort).

6. Tissues.

It might sound odd, but your emergency kit with tissues can make life a little easier. Tissues will make you feel more prepared – like if you have to dry an area before applying wax.

7. Water.

If you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out on the go, water can be a total lifesaver. This will loosen unwanted food particles from in between your teeth or braces.

8. Lip balm.

Keep your lips hydrated and comfortable!