Braces work hard to straighten your teeth, but they can be a barrier that prevents you from easily cleaning your teeth the way you used to without braces. It’s important that you take good care of your braces and teeth to help you avoid toothaches, braces-related pain, and any discomfort during your experience.

Here are some ways you can avoid tooth decay or pain while wearing braces.

Use a toothbrush that can effectively clean in and around your braces.

There are brushes you’ll want to use that have different types of bristles – ones that are shaped more like a pine tree. They can get into the hard-to-reach places that other toothbrushes can’t, and help you remove food debris and plaque with ease.

Brush, brush, brush and use mouthwash.

You’ll have to get used to brushing more than usual with braces. Try to brush after every meal to avoid any buildup of food or plaque. Mouthwash is something else you’ll want to add to your repertoire to help keep you feeling fresh.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are certain foods you might want to avoid while wearing braces to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. Prevention is sometimes a good medicine.

Get regular checkups from your dentist and orthodontist

Your family dentist should be seen for both cleanings, checkups and your overall dental health. Visiting your orthodontic specialist for regular appointments and following instructions will ensure your treatment progresses as it should.