You’ve finally gotten your braces removed after a long journey with full-time hardware in your mouth. But…now you likely have to wear a retainer, a necessary next step to your braces treatment. 

Wearing a retainer ensures you don’t experience a shift in your teeth’s placement post-braces. A retainer, either worn during the day, at night, or both–depending on your treatment–will hold your teeth in place and help maintain your beautiful smile. 

Even still, you might need some tips on how to adjust to this change. Here are a few key things to remember. 

Speak slowly as you get used to the feeling of your retainer

Yes, your speech may be affected when you start wearing a retainer, just as it was when you began wearing braces. We recommend going slow when it comes to your speech patterns to let yourself get accustomed to the change gradually. 

Take good care of your retainer

Disinfect your retainer in a solution of water mixed with baking soda or vinegar to maintain its cleanliness and, in turn, your overall comfort level. Go the extra mile and add a drop of toothpaste to the retainer as you rinse it and use your toothbrush to brush out any excess food that may have become attached to your retainer between wears. There are good commercially available retainer cleaners out there, too!

Don’t worry, it will get easier!

As you wear your retainer more, you’ll adjust to the physical sensation and it will become more comfortable as time goes on. So don’t worry, the learning process is underway and soon enough you’ll be a pro.