What does your bedtime routine look like? After you get cozy in your pjs and cuddle up with a show or movie, or even go through your personal skincare steps, you may be wondering how to incorporate your braces into your routine.

No matter what age you are or point of life you’re in, you should always make it a priority to brush your teeth at night. Regular brushing of your teeth–and, in turn, your braces–are an important part of your oral health.

If you have trouble creating and keeping a routine, here are some tips.

Keep your oral care items in sight

You know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. Providing yourself with easy access to your oral care items will create a visual reminder to clean, floss, and brush. We recommend placing these items on your bathroom counter.

Rinse and repeat!

Okay, repeating your cleaning might not be crucial to your routine, but rinsing your mouth out with water will help release any loose food that your toothbrush or floss didn’t get. Keep a water glass near your oral care items as well to help in this process.

Review your progress

Take a look at your braces in the mirror after brushing. How are they looking? Check to see if you’ve missed any debris in your teeth or if your gums are looking particularly red. This will help you adjust your habits to better care for your teeth and gums.