As your braces work to perfect your smile, you may experience some discomfort – usually after having your braces adjusted or tightened. The good news is this will probably be temporary. But in the mean time, we have some tips for making the adjustment phase as painless as possible.

Ice cream

Finally, a great excuse to eat more ice cream! Cold food can help reduce inflammation, swelling, and help reduce pain. So don’t be afraid to grab a popsicle or frozen snack even in the middle of winter.

Ice pack

Sometimes adjustments to your teeth can cause dental sensitivity, in which case you may want to avoid cold food. In that case, applying an ice pack to the side of your jaw where you are experiencing discomfort can be helpful.

Salt water

The brackets of your braces may rub against your cheeks causing irritation. Swishing with warm salt water for a minute or so can help alleviate soreness and also kills bacteria.

Orthodontic wax

If you’re experiencing continual irritation caused by your brackets, or perhaps a long wire, remember to keep dental wax handy. Applying wax to the metal will protect your inner cheeks and gums.

Heating pad

If applying an ice pack isn’t alleviating your discomfort, try a heating pad. You can also get similar results from a warm washcloth.

Generally, try to eat soft foods when experiencing dental sensitivity, and take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary (as directed.) Remember – any discomfort your braces cause is because they are working hard to give you a fantastic new smile!