You were nervous before getting them put on. Your teeth hurt from time to time, and sometimes you have to use wax to fix the pain. You can’t eat apples, but you can eat….ice cream.

Any of this sound familiar? For those who have braces, this is commonplace. If you haven’t had braces and might get them, here are some things you’ll get to know along the way. Hopefully, these can help prepare you – or, if you have braces, make you feel less alone!

  1. It took a while to get used to talking with braces.

Some people experience the feeling of having a lisp or stumbling over words a bit when they first get their braces put on.

  1. Lip balm is your best friend after an appointment at the orthodontist.

Just like when you visit the dentist, you will have to keep your mouth propped open for some time while getting your braces tightened or repaired, which may cause your lips to become dry.

  1. People don’t notice your braces as much as you thought they might.

Before getting them put on, you were nervous about how they’d change your appearance, or that people would notice them a lot while you spoke or ate or just existed! In actuality, braces are very common and less noticeable than you might have thought.

  1. Flossing is more satisfying.

Since food can get stuck in your teeth more often, flossing is surprisingly way more satisfying with braces.

  1. People will want to share their braces stories with you.

Yupmore people have had them than you think, and people of any age can or will have had braces. Everyone has a story to tell.

  1. Sometimes you forget that you have braces.

After a couple weeks, you won’t notice your braces anymore. Even though they may feel strange at first, they are easy to adjust to having.

  1. You will use wax.

Wax will literally save your life at times. Wax will help tremendously if you experience a loose, poking wire or other discomfort with your brackets or how the braces are fitting on your teeth in between appointments.

  1. You appreciate your braces.

Despite all the nerves and anxiousness that went into getting braces, you can see the difference they’re making not long into your journey.

  1. Braces don’t change your appearance significantly.

You look just like you always have, except now you have braces.

  1. It’s worth it.

Everything that you’re doing or have done through your braces journey is completely worth the end result of straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.